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About Me:
I’m a research assistant at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Robotics Lab, working on projects in the fields of HRI and HCI, with a majority of my work thus far being in the Multi-touch domain, including a role in the development of our DREAM Controller (see videos, etc.) Some of my projects have videos up on the lab’s YouTube channel

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Apollos says:


    I was trying to download vanir nightly 4.4.2 for my lg optimus g pro e980, but I receive the error I don’t have permission to download..

    Can you email me a direct link?/

  2. randy says:

    Hello xcover 2 vanir room is good pleasi update

    • admin says:

      The vanir blog is @ https://vanir.co 😛
      Regarding the xcover2, it hasn’t been supported by CM since like cm-10.2, and we don’t have one (or the time) to get android M working on it.
      If you’re looking for a build from a specific vanir version (maybe vanir_4.*_#######), I can looking into compiling a new zip of the old code, but our server space is very restricted, so we retire old nightlies, and I’ve only recently rewritten my script so the last vanir zip for an android version doesn’t become retired after that time period elapses.

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