Museum of Science robotics block party

Thermal problems all around… the mac minis were running hot, and junior’s front fan was a little kid finger magnet.

Other than that, and the tough questions, such as “what does your giant remote controlled car with sensors on it actually do?”, it was a blasty blast! B-)

My family finally got a chance to see a bunch of the projects I’ve worked on, and the quadcopter flew like a dream.


Video = recorded! Just need to un-de-clutter my desk in the lab (the open horizontal areas are taunting me)

AND my compiler’s intermediate representation is pretty much spot on… just need to handle assigning to an item in an array, and make sure it decomposes longer expressions properly


Get it? It’s both an acronym for my phone, and an expression of how frustrated I am that there hasn’t been an updated version of fission rom in MONTHS